how we work

attention to details from the ground up.

Successfully completing a project that satisfies the needs of the client requires the collaboration of a team of experts. We will build the team of experienced professionals who will help realize your vision. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, the Ventura Group is prepared to excel.



The initial consultation is an information gathering session for both the client and the principal from the Ventura Group. During this stage of the process design elements, including style, size, amenities and building materials are discussed and the scope of the work is determined. Based on this, a realistic timeline and budget is proposed.


Once we have developed the scope of the work and a realistic budget the design phase begins. Our architects, engineers and designers will develop interior floor plans and exterior elevations based upon the needs of your lifestyle and within the determined budget. Interior design elements, elevations and configurations are also addressed during this stage to ensure that your home is unique and well-planned.


The completion and approval of the construction documents and contracts marks the beginning of this phase. The necessary permits are obtained so that the building can begin. We continue to develop interior and exterior specifications. We assist in material selections by meeting with specialty vendors and consultants. These experts assist in selecting products such as cabinets, appliances, light fixtures and many other finish items that will help to define your new home.


The excitement of the construction phase begins.  Our experienced production team manages the job so as to efficiently complete the construction.  Scheduled meetings with you and the management team will keep you informed of the progress and timeline of the project.   Any changes to the scope will be seamlessly integrated into the schedule and budget. You can expect that every aspect of your new home will be exactly what it was intended to be – refreshingly innovative, beautifully customized and exceptionally crafted.


What was once just a blueprint has become a living reality.  Our exceptional customer service extends beyond completion of construction.  We provide a thorough walk-through with you to ensure that all of your expectations have been met.